Hey all!

For those who live in Canterbury, New Zealand, like I do. Happy Show Day! Enjoy the day off if you have it.

For the rest of you, have a great day as well! I hope you’re enjoying the pages, and I’ll catch you all next week.

EDIT (SUNDAY, 11:25 PM):

Hi all, I spent all weekend working on edits for Volume 1, thinking I already had Monday’s page ready. Just discovered that I don’t in fact have Monday’s page ready! So at the moment, there might not be a page going up on Monday morning like usual.  I’m going to draw as much as I can before I go to sleep in a half hour and I’ll draw in the morning before work. If possible I’ll try and get the page uploaded around lunchtime if I’m able to. If not, it’ll be in the evening! Sorry about that! It’ll definitely be up before the end of Monday, you can be sure of that!