Hello there! My apologies for the page that didn’t go up on Friday but is here for your viewing pleasure today! I’m not sure what I was up to! Sure wasn’t making a comic for Friday. I’ll endeavour to be better.

Anyways, exciting news is that my second webcomic that I am working on with a friend of mine, Matt Collinson, has gone live! Majestic 9 is a superhero comic story that’s set five years after a destructive event and follows a few of the remaining superheroes and they’re goals. I don’t really want to say much more about it, other than that it’s going to be awesome! I’m working really hard on getting the art looking really nice, and the I feel like the writing is solid.

Majestic 9 will be updating on Tuesdays on Thursdays, the exact weekdays that Paliax doesn’t get updated! How great is that?

If you’re interested in Majestic 9, I implore you to head over and view the 2 pages that are there now, and keep coming back every Tuesday and Thursday for more!