And there we go.

Officially, that’s the end of Book One of The Chronicles of Paliax. I thank all of you for sticking with this for the ride. Book Two will start in ONE MONTH, on the 15th of October. It will start off with a ROAR and I hope it won’t stop. Book Two is action-packed, and I hope you’ll return for it! By that time I intend to have the website updated and more beautiful, Book One will be in a higher-resolution, and everything will be well.

In the meantime, I will be posting some smaller pieces of concept art and the like, but these will be INTERMITTENT as I’ll be spending the majority of my time prepping a buffer for Book Two! You can keep up with where I’m at by following me on Twitter, Tumblr and you can always read my other webcomic that I work on: Majestic 9, which is sort of a superhero/drama/epic/I’ll have to ask my co-conspirator what other descriptors we can use/it’s cool please read it/as an added bonus it’s set in American AND NEW ZEALAND PHWOAH!

Anyway yeah, catch you all back here in a month for the debut of Book Two!