A concerned commenter posted his thoughts yesterday on the previous page, regarding the update schedule, wondering if maybe I should change my schedule down to one page a week because (based on Monday and Wednesday) he reckoned I couldn’t promise that it’d always be three times a week.

Unfortunately, (or maybe… fortunately?) we’re staying at three pages a week. This is mainly because dropping back to one page a week only increases my laziness. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee a page a week either. At the rate that I currently work, 3 pages a week is more likely than one page or two pages or whatever. Largely, the two missed days this week were an anomaly.

This is how my life goes at the moment, so you might understand why I missed a couple of updates this week and why I MIGHT (I’m not going to rule out the potential for life to go nuts at me) miss a couple updates at a later date.

I work 9-5, Monday – Friday. It takes me nearly an hour to get home. In the evenings, IF I don’t have anything pressing to do (like make sure rent and bills are paid, or to make sure my car has a WOF, or whatever, you know, LIFE STUFF) I get the chance to sit down for a few hours to knock out some comics work. This means either Paliax pages, or Majestic 9 pages. A page goes up every day (ideally) of the working week between those sites. Other than that, I also have to work on the printed versions of Paliax Book 1 chapters, as the local comic store in Christchurch likes to sell them. Which means that when I sit down, if I get the chance to, I have to work on the most pressing stuff. Usually it is Paliax, and occasionally it is Majestic 9.

This week hasn’t gone exactly well so far, comics work wise. Today (Thursday) is really the first day I’ve had the chance to sit down and work at Paliax, and guess what I managed to draw? FOUR PAGES. That’s Fridays update (which you’ve just read) and ALL OF NEXT WEEK. ┬áSo yeah. When things go to plan (which most of the time, they do) I can knock out plenty of pages to keep the updates rolling on time. Friday afternoon seems forecast to be more Paliax pages, which will put me probably two weeks ahead.

This puts me onto a good start for what will now be my schedule. Rotating weeks of Paliax and Majestic 9. This week, obviously, has been Paliax. Next week will be Majestic 9, the following week will be Paliax and so on and so forth.

So if you had any concerns like the commenter did yesterday, consider them assuaged. It’s only been a bad week.

Thanks again, and I hope you’ve been enjoying the comics.