Oh jeez the last couple weeks have been crazy tough. I haven’t been able to fit any time in for any sort of comics, until the last couple of days. Man has it felt good or what! So basically, cause for my disappearance last couple of weeks:

Life happened. Since September last year I’ve also been studying full-time for my final diploma. It’s been a hard year, and at the moment I’m not sure if I’ll actually get the diploma in two weeks or not. Doing Paliax, working part time as well as doing the course has done a number on me. Super exhausted pretty much constantly. But the course is close to done, twelve days and that’s that.

But as far as all that goes, I am back. Paliax is back. We won’t be missing any days next week. There are only 6 pages left (pretty sure it’s only six pages) till the end of Chapter Four, after that there will be a couple of weeks break while I go on a post-study holiday. After that we’ll be back for Chapter Five and the rest of “Book One.”

Another thing I missed and forgot to mention, was that the 12th of May was the anniversary of Paliax! The 12th of May is the day I posted the first page, so I’ve officially been making this comic for more than a year. Fantastic! Thanks for being around to read my comic and being super cool people!