Hey guys! This page is a day late, and I don’t really have an excuse other than that I drew it all on my new Surface Pro!

The Surface Pro is pretty much Microsoft’s official tablet (I guess that’s the easiest way to say it), but it’s not quite a tablet and not quite a laptop. I feel like it’s the best of both. The touch screen is super smooth, and it comes with a pen and from what I’ve noticed the pen works incredible well on the screen. It is super accurate, and feels as good as a Wacom. So whether or not they’re using Wacom digitiser tech or what, I’m not sure. It’s very good. There are two versions of the Surface, the Surface RT and the Surface Pro. If you’re looking to draw or do anything more than just tablet stuff you want the Pro, it has full Windows 8 installed and you can install all your normal Windows 7 programs (like I did with Manga Studio 5) and all that jazz.

Here’s a photo from yesterday of this page work in progress on the Surface.

Me drawing on the Surface Pro!

Anyway, the Surface is great. The only thing that would be really helpful if Microsoft could potentially add is the ability to map the volume + and –  to actions within a program. I use hotkeys all the time, especially undo and pan, so being able to do that without having to have the keyboard plugged in would be great.  (If anyone on the Surface team ends up reading this, please please please! Mappable volume buttons would help a huge amount, cheerio!)

Also the other great thing is that I’ve been able to install Steam and play games on it. Civ V works a treat, and my brother played through a level of Castle Crashers on it last night and said it was pretty nice.

So there you have it. I’m fairly sure I will start doing a lot of my comic work via the Surface Pro just because it’s easy enough to move around the house. The above comic was drawn partly in bed, partly on the couch, partly on my desk and partly on the bus to work this morning.