Howdy all! Welcome back to The Chronicles of Paliax. I hope you didn’t mind waiting!

You may have some questions or revelations that require addressing:

1. Whoah, the website has changed! What does this mean? Also why are the pages bigger and.. crisper?

Well… Yeah! I was getting sick of the previous website, and for the most part it was still using a default theme. So I butchered the themes code with the help of a friend and brought it back to this┬ásimple looking thing. I like it, though I’ll probably butcher some more code to get it looking a little better.

The pages are bigger and crisper because I was starting to hate the fact that the comic wasn’t looking the best that it could, pixel-wise. So I decided I should amp the size up, which led to the site layout changing which leads to what you see before you. You may notice that a lot of the pages in the archive are still in their smaller versions. This will change. I am literally working through the archive at the moment, re-lettering where it needs it and bringing it up to speed with the current quality. Over the next week or two the rest of the pages will update and then every live page of the comic should look really good!

I hope that answers any questions you may have, and stay tuned. We have another page coming up on Wednesday, and then on Friday! Just like old times!